Interesting Facts About Leonard Shure

His Life:

April 10, 1910 - February 28, 1995

Musician: Teacher/Performing Artist

Repertoire Played:
Predominantly German/European 19th Century

1962 Hamburg Steinway “B” (though he was known as a Baldwin Artist and even had a short run promoting Falcone pianos.)

Repertoire Taught:
After teaching a student about phrasing using the opening of Brahms 117, he taught everything.

Musical Passion Besides Piano:
Chamber music with a special focus on lieder

Favorite Artist Outside Music:
Marcel Marceau, Maya Angelou, Myra Lehr

Leisure Activities:
Fishing, photography, painting, ping-pong

Favorite Music To Listen To:

Favorite Opera:
Der Rosenkavalier - especially the Act III Trio Finale with Schwarzkopf, Ludwig, Karajan

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Nantucket Island

Favorite Food:
What he was eating at the time (!) and Egg Foo Young at Ho Sai Gai in Brookline (which is no longer there)

Wives: Anita, Barbara, Anne, Judy (not all at the same time!)
Kids: Robert, Jane, Elisabeth, Ted
Step Children: David and Joanne
Grandchildren: Andrew, Nick, Simone, Anne, Kathryn
Note: Judy was his last wife of 40 years and they had one son, Ted.

Religious Views:
Deeply spiritual

Favorite Quotes:
(while describing a climactic crescendo to a subito piano) “You make a crescendo to the last possible m o M E NNN TTT!!! and then piano.”

“Judy! When are we going to eat!”

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