Past Celebrations 


April 9, 2010

NEC Remembers Leonard Shure
New England Conservatory of Music
Boston, Massachusetts

Mr. Bruce Brubaker, Chairman, Piano Department, Moderator

Mr. Donald Berman, Panelist
Mr. Victor Rosenbaum, Panelist
Mr. Edward A. Shure, Panelist
Mr. Hugh Wolff, Panelist

July 24, 2010

Centenary Tribute to the Artistry of Leonard Shure
International Keyboard Institute and Festival
Mannes College
New York, New York

Mr. Jerome Rose, Founder and Director
Ms. Julie Kedersha, Festival Director

Mr. David Del Tredici, Pianist
Mr. Dan Gorgoglione, Speaker
Ms. Beth Levin, Pianist
Mr. Phillip Moll, Pianist
Ms. Ursula Oppens, Pianist
Mr. Jerome Rose, Pianist & Speaker
Mr. Victor Rosenbaum, Pianist & Speaker
Mr. Edward Arthur Shure, Pianist & Speaker
Mr. J. Robert Shure, Speaker
Mr. Neal Stulberg, Pianist & Speaker
Mr. Hugh Wolff, Speaker


Past Dedications

Susan Duehlmeier

Chapter in a book titled, “Schubert - a pianist’s view of the ultimate composer of lieder.”

Mira Lehr, Artist
Artist’s book titled “Tree Story” inspired by her friendship with Leonard Shure.

Beth Levin, Pianist
Release of her Diabelli Variations CD.
July 2, 2010 performance of the Diabelli Variations at Bargemusic in Brooklyn, NY.

Julie Nishimura, Pianist
Spring recital at the University of Delaware School of Music.

Marc Ryser, Pianist
April 11, 2010 recital at the Brookline Public Library

Sanda Schuldmann, Pianist
Harry Clark, Cellist
February 19 and 21, 2010 performances by The Clark-Schuldmann Duo.

Lawrence Leighton Smith, Conductor
April 10 and 11, 2010 performances by the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.


New England Conservatory of Music Piano Chair, Bruce Brubaker, hosted a panel discussion honoring the life and work of Leonard Shure on Friday, April 9, 2010 at 10 a.m. in Williams Recital Hall at NEC.  It included distinguished faculty members, Hugh Wolff, Victor Rosenbaum and Donald Berman.  Leonard Shure’s son, Edward Arthur Shure, a 1983 graduate of NEC and a student of his father’s for over a decade, was a special guest on the panel.


Special Thanks

Mr. Robert Adleman
Mr. Daniel Farber
Mr. Leon Fleisher
Mr. Dan Gorgoglione
Mr. Andrew Hurlbut
Mr. Steven Karidoyanes
Mrs. Amy Karidoyanes
Mr. Seth Knopp
Mr. Julian Kreeger
Mr. Paul Marotta, Photographer
Mr. Phillip Moll
Mr. Ken Newton
Ms. Jody Parrish
Mr. Eric Ramme
Mr. Jerome Rose
Mr. Victor Rosenbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Sadoff
Mr. Steve Savanyu, Buford T. Hedgehog Productions
Mr. Daniel Schachter
Mr. Edward Arthur Shure
Mrs. Gina B. Shure
Mrs. Judy Shure
Mr. J. Robert Shure
Mr. Ben Sottak
Mr. Richard Edward Wilson
Mr. Brian Yankee, Director of Performance Services, New England Conservatory of Music

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